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Brailsford Hall, Brailsford, Derbyshire DE6 3BU

Tel: 01335 360353
Fax: 01335 360077

Clowes Developments (UK) Ltd

The company was founded in 1964 by the Chairman, Mr Charles W Clowes.

It has freehold ownership of forty one properties in England, being a mixture of industrial, commercial, office, retail and residential property. Of these, twenty three are completed and let and the remainder are properties in various stages of development with units for sale, part completed units in build and empty plots. This gives the company a good balance of rental income which can be used to fund the working capital requirements for the development properties.

The company has 17 employees in offices in London and Derbyshire.

The Clowes Developments (UK) Ltd group has nineteen subsidiary companies and one joint venture operations as at 31st December 2010.

The group has The Royal Bank of Scotland as its sole and exclusive bankers, enjoying a close relationship for more than 45 years.

Current Developments